Sunday, May 31, 2009

Come see me at The Farm Chicks Show

Well if you haven't heard there is a FARM CHICK SHOW NEXT WEEKEND! I have been workin my little farm fannie off (well not all the way off). Packing up the new trailer full of fabulous junk! On one of the hottest weekends I can remember in May! Wow be careful what you wish for we wanted sun and we got it, and it beats the 6months of rain any day sweat runnin in my eyeballs and all that fun stuff! Kris and I are in booth 20 Bay 2 ( to the right of the plaza when you enter) I hope you all come by and see me I kinda have a feeling I'm not going to have much of a chance to get out of our booth.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Top ten reasons to shop local

As a consumer and a small business owner this really made me stop and think where I want my hard earned money to go!


LOCAL stores are more likely to carry locally produced plants which support LOCAL agriculture. LOCAL business owners contribute to more LOCAL fundraising. LOCAL businesses provide jobs. LOCAL businesses support other LOCAL businesses. The business community becomes reflective of this community's unique culture. The sales taxes we pay support this community and county, fixing our roads and maintaining our recreational facilities. Competition and diversity result in fair prices, more choices and great customer service. Shopping LOCAL reduces our carbon footprint. LOCAL business owners invest in the community and have a vested interest in the future of their community. Our hometown is important!
And don't forget your favorite Antique stores, you may go back in 6 months and be heart broken if their gone!
Just food for thought...maybe next time you order that book or article of clothing etc. online maybe first you could check your local bookstore or clothing boutique out.
I know we all shop online, but do you know that zero of those dollars go back into your community?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Business before pleasure

Sorry I've been absent, but business before pleasure. Don't get me wrong it's not that I'm ungrateful for the business it's just ALOT of work putting this once a year sale together.! Thanks to all the wonderful nice shoppers who came out, spent money and supported our business! We had a great turnout for our Tag Sale and the sun shined on us for the first time in weeks which put everybody in a great mood! We really worked hard the weeks before and it paid off! So now onto restocking the store and getting the trailer loaded to head off to Spokane for the Farm Chicks Show. Regroup ,redecorate and retire? Well maybe not quite yet.Part of the Tag Sale Team. From left Kris, center Corky and right me. It really was fun, but thank god it's over!