Thursday, July 29, 2010

Is this the face of a computer hacker?


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This is the sweet not so innocent “Sammi” my 4month old very expensive computer destroyer! I’m on my brand new computer tonight thanks to this little darling! You see she mistook my computers cord for her chew toy. Not a big deal you say, well it should have only been a $50 cord, but apparently the new cord I bought at best buy was too strong for my hp ( even though it said it was compatible with my model) long story short the powerful cord blew my mother board! So three weeks later I’m starting from scratch. I’m not even sure how this post is going to look, because I’m using this brand new program from my picture file to post to my blog it sounds pretty spiffy, I hope it works!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thanks everybody for commiserating with me

My new computer is on its way, hopefully I'll be back by next Monday? fingers crossed! I have ALOT to post about!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Computer CRASHED!

I only have a few minutes to hop on the store computer.
I guess I've been in denial! I really do depend on my computer way more than I thought! This being without one is starting to make me crazy, and worst of all I'm falling behind on things!UGH!
Hopefully I will hear back from the computer wizards this week!
Sorry all the store pics are really outdated so enjoy the Christmas in July. (bottles by Miss Tiffany the fancy farmgirl)

Here's a few pics from the shop