Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I ran around like a crazy person today getting ready for our BIG Texas trip! We leave early Friday and are staying til the following Wednsday. 4 of us girls getting away from the hubby's, the kids, the laundry., the dogs, and most of all the SHOP!
I know I shouldn't sound so excited about that, but the fact is it's taken us 11 years to make this trip a reality. When we first opened the store eleven years ago we had BABIES! Now most of us have empty nests for the very first time, I still have my Molly girl home she is still only 16 and 1/2 ( she let me know today it was her 6mo. driving anniversary) but she like most teenagers her age are gone from sun up to sun down, so I can finally feel like I am an adult person again for the first time in 23 years! I'm a big girl I'm leaving on a jet plane! With other big girls, we can just worry about what WE want to eat, and Drink whatever and I do mean whatever we WANT!
We don't have to run homework up to the school or find the lost car keys. No cleaning up after the dogs, the kids, the hubs! O Geeze I might not come back! :) JK :)
Love to all
I will take lots of pics and I promise more than just picks of trailers! O geeze I forgot about my little cottage on wheels I'm gonna miss her!
Hey speaking of my little trashy trailer I still need to give her a proper name, any suggestions I would love to hear from you, leave me a comment and if I pick your name suggestion I will send you a treasure from Texas!:)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our first annual Labor Day Trailer Rally!

Here I go off to my first sleepover!

Sometimes the moons just align, the weather man is wrong and you just throw all caution to the wind! Thats what happened this weekend our on again off again trailer rally actually happened as if we had planned it for months!

Taken a break after getting our cottages set up.

And the crowds kept growing to tour the trailers and hang out at the campfire, listen to Taylor on the banjo eat smores and laugh all night!

It was the first time for three of us girls to do a real overnighter in our trailers and I've got to tell you I slept like a baby!

Kris even made it with her new 57 scotsdale her hubby had just picked up that day. ( the tail of it on the right)

And the end to a happy weekend the proud new happy campers Bob and Julie from Whidbey Island drove all the way to Puyallup to buy Pinky our 59 fireball. Hated to see her go , but so glad she will have such great new parents! Bob builds one of a kind toolsheds,chickencoops playhouses etc. out of recycle reclaimed materials you can see his work at a better pic of Kris's sweet new ride!

Thanks to Sharon and Jer for hosting our first annual labor day trailer Rally!