Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wow it's white Wednesday!

Wow is it just me or are the weeks just flying by? If it weren't for Wednesdays I probably wouldnt get any thing posted!
This is a big old white scale I have on my kitchen counter. I really don't know why I love it but I do.

This is a hat rack in my bathroom. I don't use it for hats just misc. bath stuff. I love it too!
Now this is kind of a special piece, even though it's not white and isn't anything I would set out and buy today, but 28 years ago when I was just a teeny bopper this was my very first antique purchase at the Midway swapmeet. Oh how many awesome things I found there, wish I could go back in time and buy it all!
I hung my ironstone pitchers on the hooks when I was getting ready for the last magazine shoot at my house. I was trying to find anything that would be cuter than my boys old dirty baseball hats.
This is a pretty ratty tatty old white photo album that I brought home from the shop, because it was getting ruined by too much touching, opening and closing etc. so I thought I should save it's little old life!

Happy White Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

White Wednesday with the "Real" McCoy

Here are some white things I collect. With the last name Of McCoy I guess It was inevidable that I would start to collect the pottery that bears my name. I began collecting all colors of McCoy vases and planters, but have narrowed it down to just the creamy white. No surprise there!

Monday, August 17, 2009

White lovers unite!

How much fun to meet sooo many wonderful bloggers with the same sickness for chippy white, beautiful, sometimes funky, but absolutely lovely and always classic in style Whimsical and wonderful WHITE! Thank you to all who left me tips and comments on White Wednesday I will be surfing blogland to check out all your fabulous sights as soon as I can! And the greatest part of all is the people who let me know where to find the white ruffled slip covers go check out Judy's sight and see all of her Fabulous white designs! www.jhilldesigns.net.
Have a Terrific Tuesday!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

White Wednesday

I absolutely love this ruffled slipcover. I know others love it too because I have seen it floating around blogland in more than one place. If anyone knows who makes it or if it is available to purchace please let me know where I can find it?

This cute garden house is actually for sale at the wonderful Antique Mall Monticello's in Portlands East sideToday is my first time participating in white wednesday. When I came across http://www.fadedcharmcottage.blogspot.com/ blog and found all of the wonderful blogs that were participating with their wonderful "whiteness" I thought it would be fun to join in the White Bliss!

Monday, August 3, 2009

No its not Nantucket, its our sweet little town of Sumner 30 miles north of Seattle

This is our hometown cafe owned by our friends Lola and Nolan. It is right across the street from our store in little ol' Sumner, but you would never know by these pictures you werent somewhere in a little town on the east coast. When Lola and Nolan came home one day from a garge sale with these fabulous chairs I just couldn't believe how absolutely perfect they were in front of our little Berryland Cafe. These were the colors they were painted when they picked them up for a mere $15 bucks each at a Sunday sale! where was I? oh ya I never go out junkin on Sundays there's never anything good??? Duh! I'll be rethinkin that ha?
Berryland Cafe home of the best Rhubarb pie in the country!
Did you know that Sumner is the Rhubarb Capital?

Some pretty flowers from my somewhat pitiful garden this year. I love gardening, but the last couple of years I just haven't done what I've wanted, too busy, lazy I don't know, but I think this fall I am going to get back into diggin in the dirt. I really do miss it. Put that On my things I want to do list.

Lacecap hydrangeas always turning a different color

holly hocks are one of my favorites

same lacecap hydrangea in blue

My fifty plus year old pink rosebush
Hope you are all having a wonderful summer!
Now I have got to get out and get JUNKIN I'm having withdrawals!

A bump in the road

You now when life is just going along so smooth, no bumps in the road everyones happy and healthy? Life is good and it's been such a fabulous summer here in the beautiful pacific northwest. Well you know somethings gotta give right?but you hope not cause you got so much to do, that you want to do, and your doing it, and then WAMMO CABOOM a freakin absessed tooth erupts on the hottest day of the year, heck the record breaking hottest day in 200 years! Ya know the kind of pain that takes you to your knees and you can't keep the tears from streaming down your face?I know it's not the end all and I will shut up soon, because I am so fortunate and I know many people are way worse off then I am. I just had to vent! Thanks for listening I think I'm feeling better! Now maybe I will post some pretty pictures I've taken this summer.

Hope you are all Happy and Healthy