Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Guest vendors at Monticellos Home and Garden Show

I am honored to be a guest vendors at Monticello's antique Market Place. The Home and Garden show opens April 8th and runs through May 30th. Please come down and see our booth at their AMAZING show!I will post some sneek peeks soon!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Please come by and check out my new vintage trailer blog

Hi guys! Well alot of you know that I am a vintage trailer junky, so I have decided to start a trailer trash blog this way I can do my trailer posts over here and not bore those of you who don't "get" the tin can obsession. So I hope you come on over and become a follower and let me know if you want to see more of these little pieces of americana that have captured my heart. Just click on the trailer to the right.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm not a criminal, I am a tax paying law abiding red blooded american citizen!

Today was a horrible, humiliating, mortifying day for me!
I am a hardworking mother, wife, business owner, junk dealer. I don't smoke crack, steal, or do anything that is not legal!
So....deap breath... Let me back up a bit. I'ts been six hours and I'm still reeling from a very emotional thing that happened to me earlier today. This is how it goes.... I've been out junkin, found a neat old Procter and Gambles clock for a friend took it to her house had a bite to eat and a cup of coffee then off I go to finish my rounds. I'ts my only free day this week to get in some good junk hunting and I'm a little weather blown, wearing my ripped jeans and having to drive my husbands old mazda, because he needed my truck to go pick up a carport. So ..deep breath.. oh geeze i 've got to get ahold of myself!
So I'm heading to Pacific Run Antique Mall out in Tacoma multy tasking as usual, my cell phone rings and it's one of my customers I'm just about to pull into the mall parking lot and a state patrol drives by me and see's I'm not wearing my seat belt quickly wips a U turn and blue lights follow me into my antique mall parking lot. Here I am right in front of the store thinking omg how embarrassing right? all these people I know are watching me get a ticket! Oh well it's my fault and I'm ready to suffer the consequences right? Mr 25 year old officer asks for my I D and registration, of course I'm in my husbands car so I'm not so familiar with where things are. I open the glove box and everything falls out onto the floor. I can't find the insurance card which I new he had , because I just paid my $425 monthly bill!. Well I find it after what seems an hour (maybe two minutes) he steps away fro my car for about two seconds and comes back and asks me to step out of the car. Step OUT OF THE CAR??? why??? O.K now I'm completely confused? I'm not wearing my seatbelt? I wasn't speeding, my cars not stolen ? wtf? This young very young nice looking police officer is looking at me really intensly? He asks me "what have you been drinking?" What? Nothing! Oh I just had a cup of coffee. He says" what are you doing here?" I'm shopping! wtf? He asks" where did you just come from" I don't know mars??? wtf? ok my friends house! Mr officer asks if I have any weapons on my body, OMG I am ready to have a panic attack wtf? NO NO weapons! Mr young officer takes me to the edge of the hiway and asks me to perform a sobriety test. Feet together head back count to 30 with my eyes closed. I was on a sloped parking lot and this wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, so I start my test he say's "put your head back further!" I'm about to fall over my feet are way too close together and my balance isn't so great with my eyes closed, but I manage to keep it together , because at this point I am really fearing I'm going to JAIL in downtown Tacoma! I complete the test and he tells me to look at him and asks" how did you know you counted to 30?" WHATTTTTTT???? Is this a trick question?? OMG! One onethousand two one thousand and so on. Still not good enough for this guy he asks " what kind of drugs are you on?" Huh? what? I'm not a crack addict? I take lipitor and prilosec! Well he says 'thats a drug", but I say "not a MIND altering drug!!!! WTF? Ok I am shaking now I'm going to the hooskow for sure! Can it get any worse? Well I didn't think so, I've passed my tests (I think) answered his STUPID questions, but no he's not done HUMILIATING me yet in front of a whole crowd of people. Now I have to follow his pen test back and forth back and forth. Done. Nope "why are your eyes so dialated? Huh? what the ???
Now he tells me to go back and sit in my car. I look in the mirror, my eyes are NOT dialated! What is going on? I hurry up and call my husband , because I know I'm going to jail and I may never see my family AGAIN! so I better let them know whats happening. Now he runs my drivers licence, now? why not earlier? before he made me get out of the car? maybe he would have seen I didn't have a rap sheet, that actually I have never in my life had a ticket. an accident, nothing! He comes back gives me a ticket for no seatbelt, never says thanks for your understanding, or sorry to put you through that mam or even have a nice %^$#ing day! I've never been harassed like this before. I've actually been pulled over several times in my life for things like a headlight out or my tabs being expired and not knowing it etc.. and always had the most respectable , decent police officers that treated me like a human being, not a P O S criminal!
So I get home, tell my husband to take me out for a drink (that normally I wouldn't have had on a Wed. night, but OMG this really freaked me out! All I could think of is this is going to be my word against his and he is so out to prove I'm a drunk driver! So yes I will always wear my seatbelt (I usually do, but I do admit I was lacking judgement) Wow sorry I had to get that off my chest!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

More DreamGirl pictures

Friday, March 11, 2011


This is Tiffany's daughters truck that was the centerpiece of the barn where we had our Terrie Brush class. Everything was decorated "Tiffany style" so very dreamy!
The tables were beautiful and the treats even better!

Lisa and Kris with one of Tiffanys dreamy prom dresses

Umm i'm told I have to protect the identity of the Friday night Hillbillie's. Friday night Tiffany held a "Hillbillie party" at her house. I have some great blackmail photo's if I ever need them:)) I'm pretty sure some of you can guess who this toilet paper belongs to!

Back to the Teri Brush class, here is my little soldered birdcage I managed to make. This was my second time only soldering and let me tell you it hasn't got any easier!

Below are some fresh photo's of the store




Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Farmchicks 2011

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