Thursday, April 30, 2009

Funky junk sisters show

Ok! Here is the scoop! we are doing this super fun show with some super fun people that like super neat junk! It's not all funky either, there is going to be fabulous treasures and I am so excited that we have a south of Seattle show finally for all us locals! Linda is the sweetest and I hope you can all come and meet her and her junkin sis Dixie!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thanks Deb for the Kreativ blog honor!

Omg! Thanks to my Friend Debi at for the Kreativ Blog honor, this thing is just going around like wild fire! Please check out her blog It is flat-out beautiful! She is an Antique dealer with quite a flair and lots of beautiful items For Sale!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Please vote for me

Hi to all my blogger buddies! We have been nominated by some wonderful person for The best in western washington! If you havent visited our store in person, Would you be so kind to check out our store blog at and if you like it and think we are worthy of winning the best Northwest excursion business in western Washington please go to and vote for our store. In this economy the free publicity we would be recieving would be such a boost for our business and our little town.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart!



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In need of color

This is my guest bedroom, I wish it looked like this right now ,but my son has been camping out here lately, sweat pants and junk food wrappers not SO cute!
I love the monochromatic look, but with all the gray skies we've had I think I needed a color fix. My bedroom felt blaw and boring, so I unearthed some color. it makes me smile!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Ben April 7th

Happy 21st Birthday Benjamin
Here we go again, I told you it's birthday after birthday this time of year for us! But don't you think he's soo cute?(oops, I mean cool.) I just had to share his picture with all of you.

April 7th 1988 my first born arrived. Unlike the day my daughter Molly came along this day was sereal, did I really just have a baby? The first is so full of suprises you don't really have a clue what your getting into. I don't care how many books you read or classes you go to nothing prepares you for the reality of bringing home a baby, especially when your only 22 years old! My baby is now 21 years old. How can it be? where did 21 years go? I'm not that old! Poor Ben was definately our guneau pig, it was pure trial and error. I think my boy forgives us, I know he sure loves us and he has turned out to be a wonderful loving, kind and handsome youngman so we must have done a few things right.