Monday, March 29, 2010

Dream Girls 2010

The Queens of Dreams
Tiffany Kirchner Dixon of Shabby Scraps and Terri Brush of TerriBrush Designs

I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a weekend with some of the most talented,inspiring and funny women ever! Let me start with the Queen of Dreams herself Miss Tiffany. She really is The Fancy FarmGirl! Her house was so beautiful, her attention to detail to make sure everyone felt at home was beyond, and her art studio to DIE for! Cookie the newest member to the family is only 4months old. I almost threw her in the backseat of my truck and ass napped her, she's soo darn cute!
So onto the Dream Girls Workshop
Saturday was the soldering day so we had to get down to business, because we had some great projects to make thanks to Miss Terri Brush the super talented soldering queen! And not to be left out lil' Miss Donna her right hand girl so helpful and sweet.
More treats,
Tiffany gave us all a set of her beautiful rose photo stationary

How pretty cool are these? was it Lisa that said spooning leads to forking? I know, I know ,what happenes in enumclaw stays in enumclaw:)Lisa brought us all super cute fork and flower card holders and Majai gave us beautiful hand made flower corsages on Saturday.Super sweet Auntie Joy made all of us these adorable folders with special little aprons inside! Can you believe that? Thank you Joy!
Jeanne of a Bushel and a Peck was one of the sweetest funniest girls I met. She even gave me the cutest sweater to wear after I had a run in with a chocolate Martini! Thanks jeanne:) and I kept forgetting to tell you I have a Benjamin too!
We celebrated Tammy and Isabels Birthday Friday night and ended up at the Yella Beak Saloon. Again what happens in Enumclaw must stay In Enumclaw.
I forgot my camera Friday night and didn't get very many good pictures with my $99 cannon sureshot so I would suggest you go to the pros for some better pics Kimberely (mimi charmante) Robin (Birdtweets), Isabel (Mason Douce) And I know many of the other dream girls will be posting what photos they can. Love this photo I took of Lisa and Robin!So this is the end result.
I wanted to use the 1/2 symbol, because Tiffany gave it to me. At the time I didn't know what it meant , but just as I'm posting this pic I realize the significance. I am one who try's to look at the glass "half" full and I know Tiffany does too. This sweet little charm will always remind me now of the girl I met a few years back. The one with the infectious laugh and the giving heart, the one who kept on kris and I to make a blog, we didn't, until she was kind enough to finally do it for us, and well now the rest is history... So for that Tiffany I am indebted to you!This is my soldered paper mache egg that I didn't quite get finished, but it pretty much sums things up!
Holy crap I think this is the longest post I have ever done!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

White Wednesday Mantle redo

Congrats to Kathleen at faded charm for her 100th post and her year anniversary! She is the mastermind behind the fun filled White Wednesday!

Well I love my $20 Mantle. I carted this big ole mantle home 20years ago from a yard sale just down the road from my house. $20 bucks! Thats only a dollar a year! Talk about decorating on a shoestring budget! It's been white, then green, then white again. It had an old black ugly wood burning stove in it for years then a few years back we were able to put in a gas insert and two years ago we did the tile surround. ( which i would like to redo again maybe old ceiling tin or just paint the tiles?) I've had alot of fun with this piece!

My latest mantle decor is the fabulous big Ole' mirror in the awesome repurposed frame made out of old mouldings.
If your wondering how to put some extra character into your home you should seek out an old mantle, you don't need a fireplace you can just put it on a blank wall and put a bench with a pot of flowers in front of it. Or use it for a headboard like I did in my spare bedroom. Well enough about my mantle obsession.
Have a great Hump Day!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

White wednesday a little white bedroom

First of all i hope Kathleen from Faded Charm is having a great time on her trip to California. I can't believe she is keeping the White Wednesday up and going during her week away.

Well remember this room? My dining room/ office. Well we've been doing a fair bit of remodeling again. We are converting the back half of the house into an apartment for my sister. So gone with the dining/office put up a new wall, paint , pack, Oh my I really had no idea I was such a pack rat! EEk big wake-up call!

This is the new bedroom for my sis. I love it so bare and simple all white and fresh paint. I told her she can sleep here , but she can't bring anything but her clothes!:) Ha she's a pack rat too so that will never happen.
She liked the old mantle in the other "spare" room that is now going to be my nephews room so we moved it here for her headboard. No bedding , curtains or blinds yet, but I will show some more pics when we put the final touches on.
This will be her little comfy living room, no more dining area, I guess she's going to have to get some t.v. trays! Someday I will explain all about the compound and show some pics of the other outbuildings occupied by other members of the family. It's a long story, but you see my husband has a thing about remodeling, sheds ,greenhouses, chicken coops and turning them into cozy little rentals.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Coffee bag bulletin board

I have a truckload of burlap coffee bagsso this is one way I decided to use them

and a burlap bag and a couple of staples or nails
Really simple and FunKtional!
I have a variety of these bags for-sale on my Etsy shop
So pop on over to Etsy They are only $5each check them out! Iam having a blogger special buy two and get one free! Just leave me a note in the message to seller box that you saw them on my blog.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

White Happy wednesday

I LOVE Wednesdays! Yes all the fabulous blogs with their fabulous dreamy whites make Wednesdays grand, but the real reason I LOVE Wednesdays even more is LATE START! I know silly ha, but it really is the happiest day of the week. My daughter is a sophomore and that extra hour of sleep for a teenager is the difference between happy and crappy! Why after all of the studies done on teenagers that show they need more sleep in their teen years than ever, that the typical teen doesn't get to bed much before midnight, that their workload is bigger than ever, their hormones are raging out of control and they get in the most trouble between 3:00pm and 5:00 before us parents get home. WHY don't they let them start school later? Let the little kids who are up at 6:00a.m watching Scooby Doo go in earlier , they are up and rarin to go at the crack of dawn! They would get home earlier, then go to bed earlier? Then us parents could maybe get an hour to unwind alone. This doesn't seem unreasonable to me, maybe I'm just tired of getting up and making pbj's for the last17 years!
Well back to pretty white things. I am still loving these horse ribbons!
Chippy old windows are great for adding some architectural interest inside or out.
I love the old Iron and chippy paint on this school desk!
Wouldn't this piece be fabulous in your artist studio!
Happy Happy White late start Wednesday!