Sunday, June 28, 2009

Field Fest 2009

Our shoppers even show up in style!
Jeanine and Sharon making a deal Wendy And Jerry givin Old yeller some love!

Well it was another fun filled weekend at what has become the Annual Field Fest at my house with a group of very close friends and family. We sell alot of junk and eat alot of JUNK! It was a great ending to a very long and exhausting month of Show's, sales, traveling and oh the 9th grade dance! There was only one thing missing my Friend and business partner Kris, she was in a car accident on Fathers day and is still recovering from a serious arm injury, along with many other bumps and bruises. We all missed you Kris!


Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh by gosh by golly is this really my Molly?

Best friends since kindergarten Nikki on left Molly on right


It's happened to me now. My little girl has just grown up over night! The big 9th grade dance was last night, 17 kids, 34 parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and neighbors all witnessed the transition from childhood to grown-up hood! The 40 foot stretch hummer and all, it really was sooo much fun to see them all dressed up and soo excited for their first BIG night where all the schools in the Puyallup School district get to go to the Puyallup Fairgrounds for annual 9th grade dance.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Funky junk sisters show is a huge success

Todays Country Stores Funky Junk Booth and our neighbor Suzy Q (Pink Lemonade)
A Funky Junk Sisterhood is born! Linda,me and Dixie Celebrating the Super succesful first Funky Junk Show! These two sisters along with the rest of their sisters and family members did an outstanding job at making their very first show such a success. They estimated over 1000 shoppers came thru the doors! They managed to get some top notch dealers to this first show and OMG was I impressed along with almost every customer that I spoke with! Everyone was so impressed by the displays that the dealers had put together!

Our booth in the making

Kris directing traffic during the morning rush

Sweet Sandy Hammer from the Geranium Cottage in Puyallup. She sold a ton of fabric!

Jon Bob and all their really cool junk!

Linda (LulUz)
in her booth

wendy Rushing under her cute arbor that she built for her space

Susan wheeler, Wendy and Kris being goofy! We had such a blast all weekend, laughing until we were crying , creating so much commotion others around the show wanted to come hang with us!

Tippy Stockton a.k.a
Patricia Mackey and her friend Judy were darling in their orange and teal booth, such beautiful colors!

Blogger buddies, Lisa Tiffany of www.shabbyscraps.typepad.comwas doing her very first show and doing it like a pro her booth was nearly sold out by Sunday, and Tammy of

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Finally my Farm Chicks Post

Welcome to the show!We sold almost everything even our Sign!
These die hard Farm Chicks were on the way to one of the girls graduation, but they couldn't miss the show even for something as important as that!

Our booth

Wendy, Lisa and Kris

The adorable La ti Da's daughter Libby

A sweet little Farm Chick in the making. Her grama from Minnesota bought this vintage slip from us and she put it on right then and there!

This cutie and her sweet booth. I did'nt catch her name if anyone knows please leave me a note

Our neighbor Lynn from 'Jardin '
She is from Monticello's in Portland Oregon

Our other neighbor Super sweet Beth from Seabold Vintage Market Bainbridge Island

Lynns booth partner Holly? Heather? eek sorry I'm so bad with names
She was so super sweet and fun!

Happy endings
Mom and Daughter at their first Farm Chick Show

Can't remember their names sorry, but their booth was nearly sold out on Sunday so I'm sure we'll see them next year!

Auntie Joy

Susan wheeler
stopping by to make a few purchases
(What's that in your pocket Suzy Q?)

Lots of Customers shopping in our booth!

And lastly The brilliant women behind the succcess of this wonderful show!

Serena and Teri

Thank you ladies for putting on such a fabulous event!

Hope you enjoyed the show

Wow what a whirlwind! Our Farm Chicks adventure was the most fun I've had in a long time! It was exhausting in the best way. The people were all sooo nice and happy, it really was amazing I've never really seen anything quite like it. If you have not made the trip to Spokane Washington you really need to make plans for this show. We met wonderful people from here to the Mississippi, it was amazing the distance everyone travelled to see this show, but now I know why! Heres some of the Super cute chicks that showed up to shop and some pics of the really fabulous Farm chick dealers and their booths that were filled with fabulous finds!