Wednesday, October 28, 2009

White wednesday White trucks

Well I guess we have a thing for not only white junk, but white junk haulers.
This is the original Junk Hauler a 1966 chevy which belonged to my father in law and he handed down to my husband about 15 years ago. I think this was the coolest junk hauler to date! We still own it, but it is now making the rounds at the car shows with it's big new hot rod engine! ( that I can no longer drive...something to do with a Hurst shifter?)

This is my current junk hauler, I do love my Tundra and power steering is a plus!

This little old white Toyota served me well for quite a few years it would always be a sight to be seen coming down the road with the heaping loads in the back!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's been an exciting week for me!

Well you voted and we won!
We came in the top 5 of the best antique shops in the Northwest. 5Th place, it's not 1st, but we'll take it! King 5 actually lists only the
top 5 so it's wonderful free advertisement for our store! Thank you to all who took TIME (which is very valuable I know) to vote for us! I am so very guilty of surfing blog land and not leaving all the comments that I would like to on so many of your wonderful blogs. It seems I'm always in a rush trying to surf as many sites as possible and getting a post up in a timely manner.
Now on a personal note I would like to Thank Tina Smith from
Cherry Hill Cottage for honoring me as one of her top 10 favorite cottage blogs. Tina is from Texas and has been in several wonderful magazines like Cottage style and currently in Romantic cottages. Her blog is so scrumptious and colorful full of great fun! Please stop by and visit her and tell her Amy sent ya!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hey everybody it's time for the Funky Junk Sisters Show!
Come out and feast your eyes on some of the most amazing Junk around!

***NEW LOCATION*** 3600 9th st SW Puyallup washington. This is at the South Hill Mall right off of Hiway 512, behind Sears in the old Bally's building.Click hereFunky Junk Sistersfor a complete map and list of dealers.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Why do we love this old stuff so much?

Today as I was outside with the power washer. I thought to myself why do we love this old stuff so much? As I was spraying down an old set of filthy gym lockers and a french door covered in dirt and grime. As I am spraying I'm discovering first a layer of celery green, then a beautiful robins egg blue and I stopped as I left just enough shabby white paint. I was so giddy with the discovery of so many lovely colors, and I just said to myself "this is so fabulous" ,but why Is it?
Why do we love this old junk so much? Do we want to go back to simpler times? Is it the old soul in us or the pure beauty of the patina of an item? Is it because it is made of real wood or metal, not plastic or particle board? Is it the many years it has been weathered or waxed, painted over and over, lovingly passed down through the family?
I think for me it is all of that, but I believe the biggest reason for me is the thrill of rescuing the item from the side of the street, a cold damp garage or a favorite store where it is just beckoning a new home. I'm still not sure why I prefer the old shabby paint or rusty metal, maybe, because it is a one of a kind item and nobody else has the exact same thing?
Whatever the reason, it has given us all who love this stuff from the wealthy collector to the poor college student a common bond that put's all the lovers of junk on the same level! I think that may be the greatest reason of all!
Let me know what you think.

Monday, October 12, 2009

White Wednesday

We have some of the most beautiful pumpkins and squash in the shop right now
Great white bird cage
A basket full of white loveliness
This wonderful chippy white medicine cabinet only lasted One day in the shop!
Great white lockers offered for sale by Wendell!

Happy white Wednesday! I've missed the last couple, so I am doing this one early and saving it!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thanks everyone for your blogging tips. I feel smart again!

Please help! Just when I think I have this blogging thing down to a T something weird like this happens to me! Doe's anyone know why my sentences in my post are being underlined and how I get rid of the underlines?