Tuesday, December 28, 2010

tis the season for kindness and forgiveness

let the reindeer games begin!

Just a few shots of what I've been up to over the holidays.

We went to Snowflake lane in Bellevue

it was a beautiful night!

snowflake lane twinkle twinkle

sharon, jeanine and corky at our christmas party

My sisters and me

Merry Christmas Molly, Her new VW!

My babys!

Yep thats Warren Moon behind me, checking ME out at snow flake lane! :} haha!
Well it's been a roller coaster of a year for me, the good the bad and the ugly. This year had it all including the sad. The good would DEFINATELY have to be our big trip to Texas at the end of September! The bad, well the economy of course, being in retail these past couple of years has been MORE than just a challenge! The ugly, mmm rough times with the fam, the oh so disfunctional fam! And the sad would definately be losing my mom right before Christmas.
Reflecting now on the whole year it has probably been one of the toughest in my 46 years on this earth, but through it all I tried to always remember to look at the glass half Full and in the end I'm so glad the little voice inside my head kept telling me "everything happens for a reason". The pain and agony of sybling rivalry the aging and chronic illness of a parent, the struggles of friendships and just the everyday sh*#t that we All have to deal with!
I've learned alot through it all, the pain and anguish has taught me to give forgiveness to those I've been denying, to not sweat the small stuff, to hug and tell my children and the ones dearest to me how much I love them and that random acts of kindness can change someones life! It's changed mine! I am so thankful for it all, the good the bad, the ugly and the sad it has made me much more sensitive to other peoples problems and so much more thankful for what I DO have then what I don't!
Happy New Year to all of you!
I Love you and I wish you a Kind and forgiving new Year!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

What a beautiful night

What a beautiful night we had at our Christmas open house! Thanks to all who came out and braved the driving rain and the horrible traffic to not only celebrate this wonderful season , but to also support us, our store and our passion to keep bringing you beautiful treasures from days gone by!

I was sooo busy most of the evening I didn't get out and do my usual picture taking. This is a great picture Kris took of Rita, she's as beautiful as the Christmas display!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Please join us this Thursday Dec 9th from 5 to 8pm for our 12th Annual Vintage Christmas Open House! This is a wonderful Night of Nostalgia from the shiny bright ornaments to the twinkling of the lights! Tinsel and glitter oh my!
Hope to see you there!

Merry Christmas!
1008 Main street
Sumner Wa, 98390

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy turkey day and don't forget to sign up for the Christmas house giveaway

This is just a random picture of some of our Texas loot we brought back. I still have a ton of pics from our trip to Roundtop I will try and get posted. Such GREAT memories!

Can you believe it's Thanksgiving already? I'm still waiting for summer to get here! Anyways just a HUGE THANK YOU to all of my blogger buddies for your loyal support and helping me out with my new store blog. I am hoping to do the drawing for the Christmas House and Bottle brush tree on Dec1st so I can get it shipped to the lucky winner in time for you to enjoy it for Christmas.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm uppin the anty on my new blog giveaway don't miss out!

Enter to win one of these fabulous Christmas houses and an equally fabulous bottle-brush tree. Just read below for instructions, and thank you in advance for all of your help!

Well if you havent entered my giveaway yet for the vintage Christmas house it's not too late. I decided a Christmas scene just isn't complete without a fabulous bottle-brush tree. It's easy just for helping me get the word out that i'm changing my old blog address for my store from http://www.todayscountrystore.typepad.com/ to my new blog address http://www.todayscountrystore.blogspot.com/

Please add my store to your bloglist or just change the address you already have and I will enter you to win the Christmas house and the bottle brush tree! Just leave me a comment on this blog or my new store blog http://www.todayscountrystore.blogspot.com/ and please pop on over and check out my store!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I need your help!

Hey guys, I have a big favor to ask you. I'm changing blogs for my store and was hoping you all could help me out by changing my old typepad address todayscountrystore.typepad.com to the new blogspot address http://www.todayscountrystore.blogspot.com/ or if you don't have my store linked to your blog that you might link it for me and for doing that I will enter you in a drawing to win a fabulous vintage christmas house. Please just leave me a comment if you've either added me or changed the address. Thank you and pop over and visit my store blog I will be working on it alot!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas time


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Palmer/Wirfs Antique Show this weekend at the Puyallup Fairgrounds

Doin the Puyallup this weekend! The Palmer/Wirf Antique Show at The Puyallup Fairgrounds that is. Friday is early buy $ 20 bucks gets you first pick! Sat 9to6 Sun 10to5. Come see me in aisle J407&408. There is tens of thousands of items at this show, if you like the 'thrill' of the hunt you will like this show!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh what a Fabulous weekend in Monroe!

Ruffles and RustFriday night was the Bloggers ball this is Our vintage prom girl with her 1927 sash

This is my sister Mae, she was so much fun and sooo much help when we were slammed in our booth with the mad rush of shoppers friday night.
Kris (left) the "mad" hatter, Celia (middle) our super sweet neighbor that came all the way from Spokane with her mom Gladys they own Junebugs and have a wonderful show of their own in the fall, and me:)

These two beauty's were real head turners and the doll in the red dress won "best Dressed)

These ladies are the proud new owners of the vintage sofa

Lots of empty hangers! The slips and crinolines were a big seller.

I really didn't get very many good pictures of our booth, brought the camera, but fogot the camera card! This is a shot after it was pretty picked over all the fabulous french chairs sold, the lockers, the sofa, vanity's , benches and LOTS of smalls! We had to put up folding tables to hold items after our furniture sold!

I love this rack, we jus got it and it was only one of a few pieces that didn't sell so I was kind of glad we will be able to take it to the shop.

Mindy and Kris

Here's the fabulous black and white floor on concrete, worn to perfection!


The Ruffles and Rust show was Amazing! What a Fabulous venue! Two old white barns with open beamed ceilings wood walls a fabulous black and white painted rustic floor in one of the buildings, was just the perfect touch for this Rustic, but elegant show.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ruffles and Rust a vintage inspired market this Friday and Saturday

The truck and trailer are packed wiht lots of rust and Ruffles for this weekends Ruffles and Rust show at the Evergreen fairgrounds in Monroe go to http://www.comejunkwithus.com/ for all the details!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Funky Fun

One of Our booths

One of the Highlights of the show my Sweet trailer buddy Sandy who is battling cancer herself was crowned the 1st annual Trailer Trash queen during Friday nights breast cancer fundraiser
We LOVE you Sandy you are a super cute trashy trailer queen!
Heres a shot of our "trailer" booth, we had alot of vintage campy stuff that was really a hit! Sorry to tell all of you who have been inquiring about the Baby Shasta trailer, but she has been SOLD to our very sweet friend Mindy! Baby Shasta is going to have a great new home and I'm sure we are going to be seeing her around the trailer circuit!

The Funky Junk RV park outside the show was so much fun , we had beautiful weather and everyone really enjoyed touring all of the trailers!
Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting your local dealers, it's alot of hard work and we're not getting any younger, so remember YOU are the ones that determine whether or not these shows continue being succesful by your continued support and spending your hard earned money locally with so many small business entrepeneurs that love what they do , but can only keep doing it because of YOU!
We appreciate each and everyone of our customers so thank you again!
And remember next up is The much anticipated Ruffles and Rust vintage market you can find me there this coming Friday and Saturday Oct22nd and 23rd
at the Evergreen Fairgrounds in Monroe Washington

Thanks Linda and Dixie for another
fun filled weekend at the Junk Salvation Show in Puyallup! Those Funky Junk Sisters did it again! There was a great turnout and some REALLY GREAT stuff!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Packin up for the Funky Junk Sisters Junk Salvation show

Get ready cause here we come with truckloads of fabulous junk! This is a super fun show with TONS of fabulous junk! This year we are even bringing one of our vintage trailers for sale. You will find us on he south side of the building on the south wall about midway in booth numbers 8,9,and10. Look for the little red 1964 Shasta Compact with wings! Theres also going to be a vintage trailer rally out in the parking lot so stop by and say "HI"!

Show hours are Friday night 6to9 the evening is a Breast cancer fundraiser and admission is $15. Saturday hours are 10am t04pm.

Monday, October 11, 2010

More snippets of Texas
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Texas.. Marburger, Warrenton and Roundtop oh my!

Part one of our Texas trip, heres a few pictures of some great booths, more to come later. WELCOME TO TEXAS!! WHERE THEY DO EVERYTHING BIG! This is Magnolia Pearls incredible booth!

Beautiful, artistic over the TOP!
People just couldn't get enough of Robins clothes! I just couldn't get enough pictures!

Isn't it just incredible?

Texas is definately chandelier land!

These are some outdoor vendors in warrenton and Roundtop
I found some great stuff in this booth

This was a really COOL booth at Marberger Farms. Carnival and fair memorabilia
The crowds were growing early

Here are some more incredible Warrenton vendors!
Heres a close up of these great carnival signs!
Old advertisement is everywhere in TEXAS!

Oh not to mention rusty , chippy iron beds by the dozens!!

A more sophisticated look, animal rugs, mostly cow hides and a zebra here and there were the choice.