Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fun in the sun at Battlegrounds biggest attraction "Barnhouse"

My friend Wendy and I headed south to Battleground Washington, Where the big Barnhouse Fleamarket was happening. It was such a beautiful drive through the countryside on the way there, it made it worth the 4am wakeup call! All the dealers were super and had some really fun stuff!
One of my favorite pictures ... These three adorable girls! Cindy"The Queen of Tarte" and on the left the Angelic Butterfly catcher ! Oh and the pretty redhead was hanging out in Cindy's booth I didn'tcatch her name.
Tiffany always so photogenic, can even strike a cute pose and talk long distance to boot!

The Boys did a fab u lous job only wish we could have hung out longer! It looked like it was gonna be a fun ho down!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My little reject Fairy

I absolutely love summer and in my garden I have a special love , my white Fairy. She was a little reject Fairy I rescued from the clearance rack at the grocery store about eight years ago for a dollar! The box showed a picture of a pink little Fairy, but after I planted her in the garden and nurtured her along she suprised me with her delicate white clusters of blossoms. My Little white Fairy is now an enormous shrub about ten feet in diameter and I have yet to this day to find another white Fairy. I love the bouquets my Fairy gives me in my white ironstone pitchers and the everlasting blooms she gives me all summer long!