Saturday, April 18, 2009

Please vote for me

Hi to all my blogger buddies! We have been nominated by some wonderful person for The best in western washington! If you havent visited our store in person, Would you be so kind to check out our store blog at and if you like it and think we are worthy of winning the best Northwest excursion business in western Washington please go to and vote for our store. In this economy the free publicity we would be recieving would be such a boost for our business and our little town.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart!




Anonymous said...

Ooohh I am going to check your store out, why do all the wonderful stores have to be so far away from me.....:(


the hearts of hartmann said...

Very pretty stuff, love it all :)

Deborah Burton said...

Another beeeutiful blog, Amy! I've passed the baton right back to you, since I love this one too. Always a pleasure "talking to you".

xoxo Debi