Sunday, December 12, 2010

What a beautiful night

What a beautiful night we had at our Christmas open house! Thanks to all who came out and braved the driving rain and the horrible traffic to not only celebrate this wonderful season , but to also support us, our store and our passion to keep bringing you beautiful treasures from days gone by!

I was sooo busy most of the evening I didn't get out and do my usual picture taking. This is a great picture Kris took of Rita, she's as beautiful as the Christmas display!


chickie said...

Looks very pretty.Looking forward to see the creations you done for this event.Keep warm...Chickie

krys kirkpatrick said...

Tis the season to venture forth and shop, despite the weather. It looks very warm and cozy. I hope you did well!

nancy huggins said...

Awesome picture and beautiful decorations :)

Maija said...

I am so happy it was good for you!!!

texasdaisey said...

What a joy your blog is. Stopped by a little while to see what beautiful things you were blogging about. Enjoyed it.
Blessings to you

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy,

Me again. lol. I have a quick question for you and couldn't find you email address. Do you sell dress forms similar to this one in your shop and how much do they usually cost? Do you have any in your store now and do you offer layaway? Oops, I think that was more like 4 questions.

Hope you're doing great! :)

~ Vicki

The Gilded Cherub said...

Such beautiful pictures, I wish I could visit!! Happy Holiday and Happy New Year. I'm new to blogging if you get the time please stop by my blog and say hello. Have a wonderful weekend.

lvroftiques said...

Hi Amy!
I just sorta stumbled across your blog and stopped in my tracks, because I was just in your store! I've purchased lots of items (that I LOVE) from you! It's one of my favorite antique stores and by far the best one in Puyallup/Sumner *winks* How fab to find you out here in blogaritaville! I'll be coming back soon for another visit. Vanna

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Hi Amy! I cannot find your e-mail address so I will just have to thank you here. I received the fabulous Christmas house and tree and I LOVE them!!! Thank you SO much!!! (Sorry I did not thank you earlier, but the whole family has been sick the past two weeks.)

Small Holdings Farm said...

What wonderful holiday setups--things look just beautiful--will be back Sherron

Bohemian said...

I just discovered your blog and am enjoying all of the delightful eye candy!! *swoon*

Dawn... The Bohemian

All That Jazz said...

Hi Amy! I'm another local blogger gal! I remember your booth at Ruffles & Rust! ;-)
I am glad you made it through the holidays and have such a positive perspective. They can be hard times. I can relate as mine were this year, too. After 40 years of marriage, my parents separated right before Thanksgiving (unexpected and as a surprise to my father) so as you can imagine the family turmoil has been high.
Anyway, it was great to find you and I hope to attend some of the great local events you have mentioned here (sorry to have missed the Dec. 9th Open House!)
Happy 2011! New beginnings!