Monday, March 22, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

Today is my baby's sweet sixteen Birthday. We actually celebrated all weekend long. Today we got the coveted drivers license, She got a 94% on her test and drove a stick shift,then we came home,she got in her car and drove off into the real world without me!

Now if thats not a look of a sixteen year old I don't know what is:)
Her little Vw golf that she's been waiting to drive for a year.
I love you!!!!! And dad got a million dollar umbrella policy on our insurance!


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

I so remember this day with my oldest....I was a nervous wreck..she was cool, calm and collected....always a good driver after that too.

But I don't blame you ( if you are not kidding) about the MILLION DOLLAR insurance umbrells..GREAT idea.



Todays Country Store said...

Hi Rose, True story about the Umbrella Policy!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your Molly! She's very very cute!


A Cottage Muse said...

My baby will be 16 in June...where did the time go? Congrats!

Gracefully Vintage said...

Love Your Blog,SUch a bitter sweet Im sure, our son is going to be 15 this summer-where does the time go (way too fast)..SHe is adorable..
Your Home is AMazing, as much as i love the clean, crsipness of white, could never do it with 3 kids,hubby and a dog.. Love Your Style--- WOuld Love to FOLLOW you, for great inspiration..
Karryann (Gracefully Vintage)

AuroraSuzette said...

I love it! That's a fantastic expression, and boy, do I see you in it!

Embellish-Vintage Home Embellishments said...

She looks sweet and is very beautiful. I am so dreading this stage in my life. It scares me to let them drive off into the world. God be with you!