Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This is what I've been up to

I've gone from collecting pottery vases to collecting vintage travel trailers! These arent all mine, a couple belong to friends. I really can't believe how theses nostalgic little pieces of the past can give me so muchPosted by Picasapleasure. I guess it's another sickness I'm going to have to explain to my therapist!:)


Florence said...

I sure like your trailer. Wow. Lots of hard work, but what a gem. Florence

gail said...

oh, I love them, too! I'd give anything to have one, but I don't think I can hide it from my husband and then say "I've had that forever".

mimi charmante said...

aren't they absolutely darling? i want to bring mabel to a get-together (when I work up the nerve to drive her somewhere...)