Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WOW it's been busy around here!

Fluffing the Nest
I know I'm not the only person thats too busy this summer to keep up on my blog so here's a quick update and a few pics. Hope everyone is having a SUPER FUN SUMMER!

Here's a few shots of my booth. This great old sign say's it all

And this "FUN" glitter sign says even more!

WOW we've been having alot of FUN working and playing on the compound lately. Last weekend was our 4th Annual Field Fest, I've posted pics here on my trailer blog.


Well I don't have a sign that says "WORK", but we've been doing alot of that too lately. Thats our new carport behind my sons VW. The real Deal McCoy and his boy Ben built last week. We are in desperate need of more storage on the compound and this will be another spot to house a vintage trailer until we get our new metal barn built. After that i'm thinking it could be a sweet little covered patio area where I can hold some seasonal sales & get out of all this rain we keep having here in western Washington!



Erica said...

Love your booth! Too cute!

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NanaDiana said...

Your booth looks great- It is always fun to see a post from you...I will check out the "compound"..Hugs-Diana

AuroraSuzette said...

Terrific pics as usual!Hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous site! I love your all your have the prettiest posts!

Happy Tuesday,

Under the Willow said...

Very nice Vintage items! Love the trailer on the side- my son purchased a "Burro" trailer- very cute.

intimate wedding venue said...

Very beautiful pictures, i like all the pictures and the blog is also very well written thanks for sharing.

detektei said...

I am daily reader of your blog and really It is always fun to see a post from your blog. I really enjoyed here.

sevgiliye hediye said...

I found your vehicle in last photograph. My grandfather have same it, but recently he coloured in black colour. It is very old model, but looks very stylish.

r4i said...

Christmas location is perfect in Christmas days. Because I found a star in your first photograph with dry Christmas tree. I also planning to make Christmas tree on this way.

Darling Design said...

I love the campers!!!! It definitely makes camping look glamourous!