Thursday, January 22, 2009

A renewed hope

What a day it was. I was able to watch the inauguration just long enough to hear Barack's speech before I had to head off to work. I left for work with a new bounce in my step and the feeling that all hope isn't lost! No matter what side your on , the electricity and chatter everywhere was positive and so renewing to me it made me feel like I could do anything I set my mind to! I wasn't sure if I would have much business at the shop if people were staying home watching all the coverage of the inauguration. As it turned out people started coming out around 11:00 and I ended up having the BEST day of the entire month! I've really always thought all I have is hope and the ability to work hard, never really knowing any other way. I've been working and on my own since I was 15 years old. I always have known there are no guarantees in life, that you have to stay one step ahead and not ever take too much for granted, but i too lost site of this along the way . I think we have all had a needed wake-up call. I believe for my childrens sake I did, they've never really gone without like I did, and I'm thinking maybe that's not such a good thing ,so now with times a little tougher they are realizing how much things cost and sometimes you have to budget to make ends meet. Ha what a novel idea!


KatCollects said...

Hi Amy,
It was so nice to see that you visited my blog, thank you for the sweet comment. I was mostly off my feet for 2 months, a Looooooong 2 months : ) I have been out of my cast for about a week I guess and walking again, YEAH!!! I still have some healing time but I am better and will be back in the store soon. I can't wait to see what you have for Easter, I need bunnies bunnies bunnies!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post Amy! I remember when I was a young gal I received a small allowance and I had to budget for my needs and save for my wants. I forgot about that but now with life changing I have to go back to that. The younger generations in my family have everything & more and have never really learned about needs and wants, budgeting & saving and only having so much to spend and the concept of actually going without. This truly is a wake up call for us all to go back to the values of the good old days. God bless, Laura