Monday, August 3, 2009

A bump in the road

You now when life is just going along so smooth, no bumps in the road everyones happy and healthy? Life is good and it's been such a fabulous summer here in the beautiful pacific northwest. Well you know somethings gotta give right?but you hope not cause you got so much to do, that you want to do, and your doing it, and then WAMMO CABOOM a freakin absessed tooth erupts on the hottest day of the year, heck the record breaking hottest day in 200 years! Ya know the kind of pain that takes you to your knees and you can't keep the tears from streaming down your face?I know it's not the end all and I will shut up soon, because I am so fortunate and I know many people are way worse off then I am. I just had to vent! Thanks for listening I think I'm feeling better! Now maybe I will post some pretty pictures I've taken this summer.

Hope you are all Happy and Healthy




Deborah Burton said...

You deserve some tea & sympathy, Amy--absessed teeth are serious! Hope you're feeling better pretty girl. (If it makes you feel any better, I have a MAJOR ugly, huge zit growing at the bottom of my lower lip . . . hiding for the next few days.)

xoxo Debi

Kim G. said...

Hope the tooth is feeling better!

the wreath witch said...

take care
I like you blog and your taste in vintage
I cannot read parts of it even with my glasses I see there is colored print on a tanish color just can read it. :o(