Monday, August 17, 2009

White lovers unite!

How much fun to meet sooo many wonderful bloggers with the same sickness for chippy white, beautiful, sometimes funky, but absolutely lovely and always classic in style Whimsical and wonderful WHITE! Thank you to all who left me tips and comments on White Wednesday I will be surfing blogland to check out all your fabulous sights as soon as I can! And the greatest part of all is the people who let me know where to find the white ruffled slip covers go check out Judy's sight and see all of her Fabulous white designs!
Have a Terrific Tuesday!!


Rebecca said...

Good Morning Amy
Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a nice message. I know the little details in life can sometime fill the day, even now I still struggle to enjoy the moments. I have a half hour ride to the shop each morning and I have to make myself enjoy the scenery and stay focused on my thoughts instead of rushing and getting mad at the driver in front of me...I tend to be an agressive driver, lol
Have a great day

Chany said...

Me encanta tu casa vintage, es un verdadero sueño, te felicito muy hermosa, tengo un blog de reciclados plásticos

si quieres puedes visitarme