Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nope no Hope

My Roxy girl and old yeller in the background.

Just thought I'd do a quick post about nothing in particular. I won't even talk about hope! Not that it's a bad thing , but I just realized my last couple post were so serious and about hope each time. It must have been all the presidential frenzy! Although I will say it, hope has worked for me. Ok I,m talking about it again. well I've been sooo busy I almost forgot I have this little blogspot. I"m always so worried about keeping the stores blog updated I don"t get over to this one as often.I did the Puyallup Antique show last weekend and today is my first day off in 8days.When the going gets tough the tough get going and I forgot how tough I really am.The work was hard but so rewarding. I have to work I always have it makes me feel good about myself and i don't think I am the type that can sit back and wait for the other shoe to drop, I need to be a step ahead all the time just incase you never know whats coming or whats not (like a paycheck). The show was a success and I will be doing another one at the fairgrounds on feb14th and 15th along with my buds Sharon, Jerry and Kris. Back to work tomorrow ,the store is packed with great finds come by and see!

Good night



shabbyscraps said...

so fun you have your own blog now!
xoxo, TIffany

baubles said...

cute pups! fun to see your house...I've been coming into your store for years and spending waaaaaay too much money there as well! but I do have lots of great treasures! in fact I need to go pick up the table I purchased. see ya soon!

Amy McCoy said...

Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for visiting my blog and for being such a loyal customer all these years!
Hope to see you soon at the store!